A fresh start

Time for a fresh start.

After switching from Pramari to Senacor I had a lot of things on my plate (way too much to be listed here).

In September I had my last leftover obligation from Pramari, a talk about CEP in Berlin. That was also the last post on my old blog (which is hereby declared dead).

With a new job and finally some free time I decided it was also time to overhaul my blogging activities, switch to wordpress and do a clean start.

I will try to keep this blog way more structured as the old one with the main topics being:

– Modularization (OSGi, Jigsaw, …)

– Scalability and performance (Scala, java.util.concurrent, …)

– Tools

We will see how that goes but it should definitely be better than my old one πŸ™‚


About codepitbull
A nerd, a geek, a software developer. Oh, and married ;)

One Response to A fresh start

  1. ArgelebAndreas says:

    Na dann bin ich mal gespannt, was du hier so alles interessantes bloggen wirst. Herzlich Willkommen in der WordPress Community πŸ˜‰

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