I love Open Source

So, while being on parental leave I didn’t really have time for coding.
I decided to pick up a book on scala to read between changing diapers and cooking for my wife.
Naturally I didn’t really get the time to look into the scala book until the very end of my leave.
When I started to read the book I realized the need o have some pet project.
Having worked with the jmonkey 3d engine before I decided to give it a shot and set up a small project in maven.
Going to their homepage I was completely blown away by the progress they had made since the last time I worked with the engine (Note: At the time I switched companies they had lost their lead dev).
The engine looks very polished and got a good set of tools to work with.
After poking around in the demos for a while I tried getting a scala project going. The only problem was the lack of maven support.
So after posting on their forum to get some infos on the state of maven support it became clear that the core devs had no intentions to provide it.
But people started talking about implementing it on their own. Somebody had already done some work and we decided to do a project to get things going.
People provided their code, the jme-devs got us some git-space and I got the nexus-repo.
Today I submitted the final fixes and we now got full maven support including archetypes.
I love open source and the mentality of cooperation behind it.
Just saying.

P.S.: Still didn’t have time to start the scala book but the stage is set.

Back on the Blog

To make it short:
A year of big changes lies behind me.
A new year of even bigger changes just began and it started with the birth of my son.
Let’s see how this year works out for this blog 🙂