2011 is over

A little late but my official end of 2011 was last week.

With the relase of my book on wicket and giving two talks at bedcon I finally finished the last of my new years resolutions.

Time to get going on the plans for this year.

  • There’s gonna be a (German) series of blog-posts on Wicket-related issues to supplement my book.
  • I finally got started with Scala and I am starting to work through “The Art of Software Development” by Knuth.
  • More JEE6: Since preparing the Wicket-JEE6-Talk for Bed-Con I am completely convinced that I have to become a JEE6-god. Let’s see how that goes;)

Uh, and last but not least:

  • Finally see Meshuggah live for te second time.

About codepitbull
A nerd, a geek, a software developer. Oh, and married ;)

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