Back on the Blog, again

As you might have noticed: It’s been pretty quiet around my blog.

I took an offer to write a book about my favorite web framework, Apache Wicket.

Together with a bunch of articles I did for both it-republik (Wicket 1.5 Wicket 6 and the German Java Magazin_ (1, 2, 3, 4) I basically spent all my time writing about and coding Wicket. A few weeks ago I finally hit the last milestone of this year by attending the Plat_forms-Contest in Berlin, an experience I am going to write about soon.

Let’s keep it short:

  • I am again back on the blog.
  • I got a ton of notes I need to turn into posts.

Time to get going.

P.S.: I will do a few more articles in German. Looks like there is no good way to provide an article in two different languages on wordpress. This might lead to a few more changes to this blog.


About codepitbull
A nerd, a geek, a software developer. Oh, and married ;)

One Response to Back on the Blog, again

  1. max says:

    Nice to see you back on the blog 🙂

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