Vert.X 2.0.0 in IntelliJ IDEA

Well, that was fast. After posting my last post I saw that vert.x came out last night. Tough luck but sitting on the train I got time enough to provide an update.

Project setup

Follow these to create a basic gradle-project with an example verticle. After doing a gradle clean build idea you can now import the project into Idea.


The examples provided only show how to run this project from the command line. I am a lazy ass and like to run my stuff from the IDE.

To achieve this add a new java-module using File>New Module. Open Open Module Settings, select the newly created module and add contents of the lib-directory from your freshly downloaded vert.x-2.0.0-final-archive in the Dependencies-tab.

Create a new Run-Config and:

  • set Main Class to
  • set Program arguments to runmod com.yourcompany~your-module~1.0 -cp <path-to-your-project>/out/production/<module-name>
  • set Use classpath of module to the module we just created and added the vert.x-libs to

Hit run.



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