2011 is over

A little late but my official end of 2011 was last week.

With the relase of my book on wicket and giving two talks at bedcon I finally finished the last of my new years resolutions.

Time to get going on the plans for this year.

  • There’s gonna be a (German) series of blog-posts on Wicket-related issues to supplement my book.
  • I finally got started with Scala and I am starting to work through “The Art of Software Development” by Knuth.
  • More JEE6: Since preparing the Wicket-JEE6-Talk for Bed-Con I am completely convinced that I have to become a JEE6-god. Let’s see how that goes;)

Uh, and last but not least:

  • Finally see Meshuggah live for te second time.

Article about Wicket 1.5 at JAXenter (German)

An article I did on Wicket 1.5 just gut published on the German JAXenter.

Back on the Blog

To make it short:
A year of big changes lies behind me.
A new year of even bigger changes just began and it started with the birth of my son.
Let’s see how this year works out for this blog 🙂

Java Forum Stuttgart 2010

Long time not writing.

I was busy preparing a talk about Complex Event Processing for the Java Forum Stuttgart which basically ate away a lot more of my freetime than I had expected.

From next week on I will start putting a couple of technical articles on IDEs, jBPM and CEP online.

But right now I am happy about my working demo app, the slides I have prepared and that I will be able to give a talk at JFS.

CU there.

A fresh start

Time for a fresh start.

After switching from Pramari to Senacor I had a lot of things on my plate (way too much to be listed here).

In September I had my last leftover obligation from Pramari, a talk about CEP in Berlin. That was also the last post on my old blog (which is hereby declared dead).

With a new job and finally some free time I decided it was also time to overhaul my blogging activities, switch to wordpress and do a clean start.

I will try to keep this blog way more structured as the old one with the main topics being:

– Modularization (OSGi, Jigsaw, …)

– Scalability and performance (Scala, java.util.concurrent, …)

– Tools

We will see how that goes but it should definitely be better than my old one 🙂